Problems below the belt are our specialties.

Perhaps the only private clinic in the country especially dedicated to genital skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections.

Balázs SinkóBalázs Sinkó
10:01 12 Oct 23
Both the doctor and the assistant are very direct, kind, helpful and empathetic. I recommend it to everyone. However, you can only book an appointment for 8-10 weeks.
Bence NagyBence Nagy
20:09 10 Oct 23
edit kölesériedit köleséri
15:46 06 Oct 23
I ended very positively, we need more kind, normal, doctors like Dr. Tamási!I can only recommend it to everyone, the only regret is that I didn't find it sooner...But now I feel like I'm in good hands!!The office, the assistant lady, are also 5 stars, no allure, everything is natural, they are nice and I didn't feel tense for a minute, I was just excited...Thank you very much for everything 🙏 Greetings Edit from Veszprém🫶🏻
Marcsi BilikMarcsi Bilik
19:06 05 Oct 23
Gyorgy GaraiGyorgy Garai
08:38 07 Sep 23
Gábor SzálasGábor Szálas
14:20 22 Aug 23
Szabó DávidSzabó Dávid
05:37 13 Jul 23
er zipper zipp
13:42 20 Jun 23
Bela JuhaszBela Juhasz
22:11 15 Feb 23
Dr Noemi Mihalik truly is a professional. She's very easy to talk to, empathetic, comforting and clearly very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her.
mauricio pereiramauricio pereira
19:55 31 Jan 23
The BEST medical service I have received in Budapest.The level of professionalism and excellent medical service that the Dr. Bela has shown me during our appointment is with not doubt outstanding.To start with Dr. Bela seemed super friendly even with the mask on, he kept the conversation flow, making me feel very confortable to talk with him. His advises and suggestions were valid and he also had a great follow up after our appointment he fully demonstrated that he cared about his patients.As a foreigner myself it is difficult to find good Dr that speaks perfect English.Besides the above the clinic location is super easy to reach, it is clean and the nurse is very sweet. Prices are excellent for the level of professionalism you will receive in return.I fully recommend Dr. Bela
LGBTQ & sex worker friendly doctor. He listens carefully, he's modern and very friendly. The office is very well equipped, comfortable and cosy.
Kinga AnheuerKinga Anheuer
09:45 02 Sep 20
Professinal service, very kind and helpful staff. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Laurent LasseronLaurent Lasseron
10:32 16 Jul 20
Dr. Tamási Béla is very nice, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him

Our medical team

Dr. Tamási Béla

Béla Tamási MD, PhD

board certified dermatologist, founder and CEO of Béta Klinika

Balláné Molnár Éva

Éva Balláné Molnár

assistant, sexual health nurse

Dr. Mihalik Noémi

Noémi Mihalik MD

board certified infectious disease specialist, dermatologist in training

Dr. Diczig Brigitte

Brigitte Diczig MD

board certified dermatologist

Services at our clinic


Clinic hours: Tuesdays 1-5 pm, Wednesdays 3-6.30 pm, Thursdays 1-6 pm, Fridays 3-7 pm
Address: 2-4. Üllői út, Budapest 1085 (door bell: 58)

Please be informed on the following:

  • We are not a walk-in clinic. We only see patients who have a booked appointment.
  • Appointments are exclusively to be made online, on our website. Telephone or in-person inquiries are not available.

Price list

Basic fees

to be paid on every occasion in addition to screening/intervention charges

STD screening bundles

one of our basic fees will apply to the fees below

  • HIV + syphilis screening 10 000
  • Urethritis bundle 28 000

    urethral GO*+CT*+MG* + urethral smear microscopy

  • Proctitis bundle 28 000

    anal GO+CT+MG

  • Vaginitis bundle 39 000

    vaginal AV*+GV*+TV* + yeast culture + vaginal smear microscopy

  • Genital ulcer bundle 30 000

    syphilis+herpes+Chlamydia from ulcer

  • Basic STD bundle 24 000

    HIV+syphilis+urethral/anal/cervical/pharyngeal GO+CT

  • Top/bottom STD bundle 41 000

    HIV+syphilis+GO and CT from two screening sites

  • Versatile STD bundle 52 000

    HIV+syphilis+GO and CT from three screening sites

  • Ladies bundle 53 000

    HIV+syphilis+cervical GO+CT+MG+HPV

*GO = gonorrhoea, *CT = Chlamydia trachomatis, *MG = Mycoplasma genitalium, *AV = Atopobium vaginae, *GV = Gardnerella vaginalis, *TV = Trichomonas vaginalis

As a private clinic, please be advised that none of our services or fees is subject to reimbursement by Hungarian social security.
Prices are in HUF. Cash payment in foreign currency is not accepted. No additionally charged fees or costs.

Payment options:

Online appointment booking

Before starting your booking process, please keep in mind the following:

  • Before booking your appointment, please make sure to read and acknowledge the safety regulations at our clinic due to the coronavirus epidemic that can be accessed here.
  • Make sure to get to know our fees and prices before booking your appointment, which are transparently published on our website. I thereby cannot accept any complaint in my office regarding the fee to be paid after your visit.
  • Clinic appointments are exclusively to be made by online booking. Appointments requested via phone calls or e-mails cannot currently be considered.
  • Once you have booked your appointment, it won’t be visible or retrievable here. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail instead with your booking details. Therefore we do ask you to pay attention while providing your e-mail address.
  • ‘TAJ number’ is the Hungarian social security number. If you do not have one, you may leave the field blank.
  • In case you plan to come to us with your partner together, please make sure to book two separate appointments, especially if you both need any examination or lab test.
  • Please make sure to discontinue any locally applied therapy (cremes, ointments) at least two weeks and any systemic therapy (e.g. antibiotics) at least three weeks ahead of your planned appointment.

If you cannot see the booking application here, you may access it on a separate page:

Please bear in mind that we are not a walk-in clinic.

You cannot come and request medical attendance without a valid appointment.

In case you need an urgent dermatological or sexual health visit, please contact a state-run dermatological department.